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BCA Distance Online Course | Online BCA Degree | Correspondence BCA

Distance Learning Academy recommends undergraduate degree to candidates who desire part-time BCA distance Online Course. Through BCA distance online education, Candidates/students will become proficient in computer application and obtain Bachelor’s degree in it. So, if you are searching for career option as regards IT then we are the best choice for it. The duration for Online BCA Degree is 3 years. Our curriculum will suggest students various career opportunities and assist to make candidate/students proficient in IT sector.

Why Online BCA Degree special and valuable from others:

• This course scheduling is flexible and this flexibility proffer students to focus on their course, all the study material and content is offered by us.
BCA Distance Online Course Education program is considered according to the varying of working environment. The main object of our course is to recommend education which is of best quality and also keep in mind that the overall list of candidates/students will not get disturbed.
• The faculty members are from the best universities who are very experienced in their area and when it is about BCA distance online course education then they are the right guider for students.

 Syllabus Online BCA Degree :

    BCA -101 -Introduction to Information Technology – 4 Credits
    BCA -102 – PC Software – 4 Credits
    BCA -103  – Problem Solving through ‘C’ Programming – 4 Credits
    BCA -104  -Basic Electronics – 4 Credits
    BCA -105 – Basic Mathematics – 4 Credits
    BCA -106  -Computer Organization – 4 Credits
    Practical Papers
    BCA- 107  -Practical Based on PC Software Lab – 4 Credits
    BCA-108  -Practical Based on ‘C’ Programming – 4 Credits
    BCA – 201  -Computer Communication & Networks  – 4 Credits
    BCA – 202  -Database Management System  – 4 Credits
    BCA – 203  -Fundamentals of Operating Systems – 4 Credits
    BCA – 204  -Data Structures using ‘C’  – 4 Credits
    BCA- 205  -Systems Analysis and Design – 4 Credits
    BCA – 206  -Business Communications – 4 Credits
    Practical Papers   
    BCA – 207  -Database Management Lab. – 4 Credits
    BCA – 208  -Data Structures Lab – 4 Credits
    BCA-301  -Object Oriented Programming using C++ – 4 Credits
    BCA-302  – Visual Application Development Using VB.Net – 4 Credits
    BCA- 303  -Linux Environment – 4 Credits
    BCA-304  -Management Information System – 4 Credits
    BCA-307  -Project – 4 Credits
    Practical Papers 
    BCA-305  -Linux – 4 Credits
    BCA-306  -Visual Programming & Web Designing Lab – 4 Credits
What make our BCA Distance Online Course education special from others?

Our program arrangement is different from other and specialties of our courses are listed below:
1. A variety of virtual specialist
Professionals are focused in their field and only better direction is provided by them. Students will get chance to assist experts and learn important things about computer and network.
2. Networking opportunities
We recommend candidates networking opportunities so that they will study about all and everything about networks.
3. 24×7 e-library and study material
Candidates can visit our e-library and obtain any e-book and study material from there. Also, there are many fellow candidates/students are associated with us who will guide students and afford students important tips regarding BCA Distance Online course.

Duration: BCA Distance Online course is a 3 years program which can be finished in maximum 6 years.

Eligibility of Correspondence BCA : Minimum qualification compulsory for pursuing BCA is 12th, or DCA after 10th.

Job areas –
• Banks
• Consultancies
• Technical Support
• Financial Institution
• System Maintenance
• Government Agencies
• Software Development Companies
• Security and Surveillance Companies

Job Types of Correspondence BCA:-
• Project Manager
• Computer Training
• Software Developers
• Computer Programmers
• Database administrators
• Chief Information Officer
• Computer System Analyst
• Information System Manager

Admission Helpline No : +91 8882301351