MA Distance Online Course

MA Distance Online Course :

MA Distance Online Course (Master of Arts )is a Post Graduation Program. The period of course for this degree is almost two years and through distance learning candidates can become a M.A degree holder. If candidates are searching for a distance online course then Distance Learning Academy is best for candidates/students. A lot of applicants think that distance education will not recommend study quality which is provided by land-based courses, but it is an allegory. Distance education is far better than land-based education when it is about UG or PG courses. It will provide students flexibility and also save their time and money

What are the remarkable advantages if candidates/students will go for distance learning?

Advantages of MA Distance Online Course :

  • Outperform classroom teaching

This is the charisma of distance education as candidates do not require any physical appearance in a classroom or even physical content. Our best classroom teaching is flexible and the excellence of teaching is better than land-based classrooms for MA Degree Online.

  • Get content on I- phone and I-pads

We have technical faculties who knows how to use technology and that’s why students can simply get the reading content on their I-pads and I- phones. In this way candidates/students can read and learn everyplace and there is no require carrying on heavy books and bags.

  • Students will study real world skills in MA Degree Online

Although candidates will get lessons through practical world but still we teach students set of skills which will be efficient in real globe. We offer them particle knowledge beside with theory.

  • Individual Consideration for MA Degree Online.

In a classroom, the teacher will not capable to give personal concentration to all and every student but with practical classes students will get individual concentration from the teachers and they will ask any doubt concerning the lessons.

Now, let’s look for the structure of the program of MA Distance online course and it is given below:

As explain above the courses are divided in 2 years and Correspondence MA Course.
1st year
Beginning of distance education, educate candidates/students about beginning of economics, about media and distance learning, about open universities and distance Education.

2nd year
In second year, we educate candidates/students about technology and about distance learning, about online and effective distance education, research about distance learning and master theory.

Specialization of MA Correspondence Course :

  • MA in Social Work
  • Online MA in English
  • Distance MA in Hindi
  • Open MA in Education
  • Online MA in Economics
  • Distance MA in Sociology
  • Online MA in Philosophy
  • Online MA in Psychology
  • Distance MA in Geography

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