PGDCA Distance Online Course

PGDCA Distance Online Course

In the present age, it must for everybody to have computer knowledge because now its application is not imperfect to IT sector. From booking a hotel to reservation, the whole thing is nowadays done through computer and internet. The post-graduation course in PGDCA will make candidates to study all about computer and if you are professional then PGDCA Distance Online Course is the mainly suitable option for applicant.

PGDCA course provides you with a wide-variety of profession opportunities and our PGDCA Distance online course makes a candidate expert and eligible for any career. The course period for PGDCA is one year and after the completion of the course candidates have a well-developed knowledge of computers.

After the achievement of course candidates can work as:

• IT consultant
• Project manger
• JAVA developers
• Software engineer
• Interface Engineer
• Computer programmer

This is about the profession opportunity and now let’s talks about the program and its structure.


In PGDCA Distance online course candidates obtain the awareness of computer science & application and the program of PGDCA course is separated into 2- semesters. Every semester cover different topics associated to computer and its applications.

Let’s get to know about the program structure of PGDCA:
As said before it’s a one year’s program divided into 2 semesters and the following topic are included in it:
• In the beginning candidates study introduction of computer, about the networks ,about software engineering, structure of data and about DBMS. The scheduled topics are the basic knowledge about the computer.
• After it candidates will study about the computer programming understanding which includes subject likes C, C+, SQL, and JAVA about advance JAVA of JEE etc. The whole topic makes candidates to compete in their field and grow knowledge and experience about computer.
Through the over program structure is planned in a way that it will help participated become an IT professional.

What make us Greatest?

There are numerous other Distance Academy then what so unique about Distance Learning Academy. Our main USP is that we provide candidates and students those universities which are on the recognition list of DEB and UCG. For those who do not know about them, it is that they work under the union government and they maintain the standard of education.